Quality Tested and Guaranteed 45 rpm Turntable adapters.

Dome Adapter

Fit over the short center post of your turntable to play your 45 RPM records. Guaranteed to fit all record players and turntables.


Plastic 45RPM Dome Adapter
QTY 2-pack
Color Catalog Number JAN
Black P45D-BK 4560225524010
Blue P45D-BL 4560225524027
Orange P45D-OR 4560225524034
Red P45D-RD 4560225524058

Insert Adapter

Snap-in flex to fit with rim-locking arms to fit perfectly inside all 45 rpm records with large center holes.
Extra thick for superior grip!


Plastic 45RPM Insert Adapter
QTY 20-pack
Color Catalog Number JAN
Black P45IN-BK 4560225524065
Blue P45IN-BL 4560225524072
Glow In The Dark P45IN-GID 4560225524393
Orange P45IN-OR 4560225524089
Red P45IN-RD 4560225524096
Yellow P45IN-YLW 4560225524119

Insert Adapter Key Chain